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The Austin Community Tree (ACT) program is a neighborhood tree planting program that focuses on reducing the Urban Heat Island effect by planting more trees on private property. The addition of trees can cool daytime temperatures in neighborhoods. The ACT program is offered free to eligible neighborhoods and is a partnership among neighborhoods, the Planning and Development Review Department, Parks and Recreation Department and Austin Energy.

Program Overview

ACT offers between 6 and 8 different species of large shade and small understory trees. Trees can be planted on private property and not in a designated public right of way. This program seeks to encourage biodiversity through a varied tree palate, and stresses the importance of planting the right tree in the right place (i.e. small, understory trees are planted near utility lines). Program participants have included the following planning areas: Central East Austin, Crestview, East Cesar Chavez, Montopolis, North Austin Civic Association, North Loop, Old West Austin, Rosewood, South Congress Combined, Southeast Combined, and Wooten.

ACT 2018

Volunteers are needed in the North Shoal Creek neighborhood on the following days: Sept. 29 and Oct. 27.

If you have questions, please message the Program Manager, Margaret Valenti at

56 People | 24 Impacts | 87 Hours | 2,353 Total Economic Impact

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