River City Youth Foundation (RCYF)



Empower families and impact the youth of Dove Springs through community events and our mentoring programs.

“Through a combination of professional counseling, mentoring, tutoring, hot suppers, nutritious feeding and parent support groups, we’ve been able to reach over a quarter of a million people,” said Mona Gonzalez, the founder and executive director of the River City Youth Foundation. For over 30 years this Austin agency has been committed to helping the people of the Dove Springs Neighborhood to live safe, healthy and prosperous lives.

The Dove Springs neighborhood is located on the southeast side of Austin, wedged between I-35 and Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. With approximately 36,000 residents, the area has the largest Hispanic population in Austin and is considered one of the three epicenters for Hispanic growth, according to the City of Austin Demographer’s office.
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